The Luke Hand Project

Shalom Ormsby’s infant son, Theo, has a limb difference – he was born with no right hand. The technical term is a congenital transradial amputation. Shalom – an Experience Designer at Autodesk’s Pier 9 Workshop – and his wife ultimately came to see that this offered an amazing opportunity to be of service, not only to their own son, but potentially also to the many people throughout the world who have upper limb differences. An opportunity to assemble a team to create the labor of love that is the The Luke Hand.

The Luke Hand is developing an open source bionic hand with the functionality of a human hand. Our first hand is being developed for young children; subsequent hands will be developed for older children and adults. Our mission is to make bionic hands as widely accessible as possible for anyone who needs them, and enable people with hand amputations to transition from disabled to superabled. More info here.