Renata Giarola

Stanford MBA,
Teaching Relationships in School

Renata gives us a big idea on why we should teach young adults the skill to succeed in love relationships.


I spend my life right at the intersection of behavioral sciences, entrepreneurship and storytelling
I’ve worked with and learned from many of my idols, including Tony Robbins (crafting the vision and strategy for a longevity idea), Tom Bilyeu (producing empowering digital media for 3m+ followers), Dr Peter Attia (creating longevity content for 150k+ followers), Reid Hoffman (organizing neuroscience summits) and with a number of awe-inspiring Stanford experts such as Bill Guttentag and Matt Abrahams (creating educational content about love and relationships).
I grew up in Brazil, went to Penn at 16, worked in 5 countries through McKinsey, and got an MBA from Stanford
In my free time, I write about the brain, love, longevity, suffering, and the human condition.
I share my thoughts on Medium and on my newsletter.