Jahmeer Reynolds M.Ed

Marin City School District

Jahmeer Reynolds
is a Director at The Marin City Cooperation Teams (MCCT)

He was born in Trenton, NJ and raised primarily by his grandmother, along with his parents and a host of relatives. Jahmeer was a latch key kid, who knew from an early age that education was his ticket to something greater.  He loved to read and he excelled at running.  His talent as an athlete allowed him to travel the world before completing high school.  After graduating from Trenton Central High School, Jahmeer left New Jersey to attend college in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Jahmeer had to overcome many struggles, but he never gave up and eventually earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in 2007.  Jahmeer has always had a strong desire to serve his community, and worked his way through college as an advocate for adults and children with mild to severe developmental, physical and mental disabilities.  While pursuing his degree, Jahmeer became a member of the illustrious Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., as well as an accomplished playwright.  In 2004, Jahmeer wrote and directed a stage play about the AIDS epidemic, and toured around the country.  This lead to Jahmeer becoming a board member of the organization, African Advocates Against Aids in North Carolina. Jahmeer met his wife Shakira in 2010, and he began to plan for a career as a special education teacher.  They were married in 2011, and Jahmeer became an educator in the Wake County Public School system.

In 2012, Jahmeer and his family relocated to Abu Dhabi.  Since then, Jahmeer has earned his Masters in Education and in 2015 launched the I Promise Mentoring Program to provide support and mentorship to expat young African American men living in the United Arab Emirates. The I Promise program includes a number of components including financial literacy classes, social media etiquette, human growth and development, community excursions, and one on one mentoring.  Jahmeer is currently working towards his doctoral degree in Educational Psychology. Supported by his wife and many of his closest friends, Jahmeer has seen IPromise grow and thrive. For his international efforts Jahmeer was awarded the Blue Sapphire Award for his international community efforts. Of his many accomplishments, Jahmeer is most proud of being a husband and father, and values time with his family above all else.