Dakota Peebler

Heirs to Our Oceans

All I Want for My Birthday is to Kill “Earth Day”

A local teenager’s efforts to ignite change to save our oceans, waterways, and humanity…


Dakota is a youth activist who at 11 years old started a global movement — Heirs to Our Oceans — alongside her sister focusing on youth empowerment and connection in purposes of ocean and water protection and climate action. She is an independent learner who has learned outside brick-and-mortar schools with mentorship by scientists and researchers including in-the-field learning. Her human impact focus is land-sea pollution especially harmful algal blooms due to overuse of chemical fertilizers and the harm on keystone species and humans. Dakota has developed skills in public speaking through year-long Shakespeare performance and comprehension classes since she was 6 years old and public speaking workshops. She has spoken locally, nationally and internationally in an array of venues and formats to inspire youth into action and adults to support. Dakota has assisted in organizing and teaching at leadership summits and community forums, she has spoken to local, state and federal lawmakers urging for protection of ocean and waterways for her generation, and she has held workshops for youth at various venues. Dakota was featured in films and Heirs to Our Oceans is making a full-feature about her journey in starting a movement.