We stand on the verge of ASTOUNDING NEW TECHNOLOGIES which will infuse our culture and change life as we know it. In the process, we need to rethink what will be gained – and lost – in this dramatic transition.

Can we find a life of purpose as the world becomes virtual, global, and automated? How can we maintain peace of mind in a constant stream of dinging phones and digital media? What oncoming innovations promise to rewrite what’s possible in health, medicine, and the economy?  Will these innovations finally support a better, more balanced life for us and our children? Or will tomorrow’s technologies even further erode the boundaries between our lives and our labors?

From the molecular to the grand, the many new ways we’ll engage with technology are creating a changing experience of our very humanity. This year’s TEDxMarin’s show will explore the pitfalls and promises of our technology-infused future and the impact that could have on our most human experience.

This convergence of humanity and the technology we wield is forcing a rethink of our search for meaning, joy, profession, health, and purpose.

TEDxMarin 2018 offered a big picture view of this emerging coexistence, and bring inspiration to our Bay Area community with thought-provoking ideas about how we’ll live, work and thrive in the world to come.