Meru Health is an online medical clinic specialized in treating depression. The World Health Organization estimates that 350 million people live with depression. It is the leading cause of disability worldwide, yet less than 50% affected get the treatment they need.

We founded Meru Health because we’ve lost loved ones to this debilitating disease, and we set a goal to build the most effective depression treatment solution in the world. We researched the most valid ways to heal depression and put them together in a comprehensive, scalable program that empowers people to heal themselves. Meru’s 8-week treatment program combines patient data (biometric, behavioural, self-reporting), group support and a personal therapists, to individualize treatment, making it a more effective and scalable solution to relieve symptoms of depression (and anxiety). We are a team of scientists, engineers and experienced entrepreneurs who have come together to make mental health care accessible, engaging and truly outcome-driven.

We work with health systems and self-insured employers to improve outcomes and reduce costs of depression. Most importantly, we help those who suffer from depression, become empowered to heal themselves and reclaim their lives. More info at Meru Health