A Prison Story  – Iran

Having endured 5 years of torture and other hardships as a political prisoner in Iran, one woman makes an impassioned plea for understanding the Muslim world. What if we saw Islam in another light?

Author / Artist / Educator – College of Marin

Mehri Dadgar joined the movement against the Shah and participated in the 1979 revolution in Iran. Two and a half years after the revolution she was arrested for distributing pro-democracy newspapers in the streets of Tehran. After she spent five years in political prison, she wasn’t allowed to leave the country for eight years until 1994.

Before immigrating to the United States, she studied at the Art University in Tehran. Since living in America, she exhibited her paintings and received her MFA with honor from the California State University of Long Beach.

After her research and years of Quran studies she began lecturing at universities and libraries about misconceptions in the practice of Islam and how false doctrines clash with the peaceful teachings of the Quran. She has recently published her memoir of prison, A Prison Story – Iran, a testimony of bravery and fear, honesty and betrayal and ultimately, hope and victory.